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Free Social Media Applications for the iPhone

I recently made a new addition to my tech stable. Action Jackson, as I’ve dubbed my iPhone 3G is fresh out of the box and already impressing me constantly. The commercials you see are absolutely right, what makes the iPhone so incredible is the thriving application community. I’m always trying to find a way to stay better connected to my online presence, and after lots of experimentation and shopping around at the App Store, and reading around the net, these are the ones I think you’ll find indispensable.


 Facebook Application for iPhone. This one should be an obvious choice. I tell anyone who is beginning their experience with an online presence to start with Facebook. The app is great, very functional, stable and a really easy way to use Facebook without actually going to the site. You can even upload and take photos through the application, a real must-have.

images Twitterrific. There are a lots of applications for Twitter, I mean tons. You really can’t get better than this application. You can view links that people tweet, add pictures to your tweet, even add a GPS marker. The one draw back to this application is that you can’t choose to follow people through the application or search key words and hash tags. That sound like some serious drawbacks but other applications really lack the functionality this app provides.

wordpress-iphone-app WordPress for iPhone. Got a WordPress blog? You might really find this one useful. Especially for firing off a quick blog entry on the go. The functionality is admittedly limited, that means you wont be changing html code through this app, but you can definitely add photos, save drafts and keep up with the more crucial functions of your WordPress blog through this app.

instapaper_shot2  Instapaper. Ok so this isn’t specifically a social media application, but its all about how you use it. Instapaper is a application and website that allows you to quickly and easily bookmark articles you come across on your main computer and mark them to be pushed to your iPhone for reading at a later time. This is great for catching up on blogs, or reading things you come across while in the middle of another task.

There are hundred of applications being developed that push the familiarity zone of most users. Some use GPS to locate you, and locate friends around you… kinda creepy in my humble opinion. Some use common interest to plug you in with people you ordinarily would never have come in contact with. But these applications are tried and true, established and staples in their field. If your don’t have them, stop what you’re doing (I’ll wait) and go pick them up, heck they are free.


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“O Captain My Captain”


        Last semester I received an email from my advisor. When your in college it seems like your advisor is the stereotypical spam mailer. True to the analogy, the majority of what they send you is just that, spam. But when I heard Bill Handy was teaching a class on social media, I jumped to it, and I’m glad I did. 

deadpoetssociety1989cd2avi_003839798         Its like that scene from The Dead Poets Society where the kids all excitedly band together to learn poetry from Robin Williams. Sure, the kids all know what poetry is, but they have no idea how much further their understanding is about to go. There is an iconic scene, where they’re all chanting the title of the Walt Whitman poem “O Captain My Captain”.  Well, I know as much about social media as those kids knew about poetry, and Handy is opening the flood gates.

         This week we covered the microblogging site Twitter. I don’t consider myself anymore savvy in this area than any other college student, (in fact, before this class Twitter was just a buzz word to me) but I realize now there is an entire world interacting, 140 characters at a time on Twitter. 

The first thing I noticed about Twitter is how poorly its described by people and the online community as a whole. “Let your friends know what you’re doing throughout the day.” (I thought to myself, “Doesn’t Facebook already have this base covered?”) 

         That is definitely the lay person’s understanding of Twitter. But Twitter is so much more than that. When people use it correctly, its like a humanized aggregator that compiles what your community is paying attention to. Did a friend of mine stumble upon some interesting tidbit of information, or a site I should visit? Twitter lets me know. And I can choose to follow anyone, regardless of my personal involvement with that person. If I value what interests that person, I can experience those things as well.

          Like with so many things, the technology isn’t special, but the way you use that technology is. On paper, Twitter sounds down right useless, but in reality, its brilliance lies a just little under the surface. 

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